Turn Blue by The Black Keys (15th of May 2014)



Dan Auerbach (right) and Patrick Carney (left) have done it again. This duo rockstars released a new very interesting and irresistibly catchy Turn Blue. Everyone (I think) or every critic who has a huge emotional relation with rock genre would agree with the statement : The Black Keys are one of the last true Rock Bands left. With that statement pierced on my mind, and of course I believed it, their attempt to release Turn Blue caught a great deal of my attention.

This album opens with a long epic guitar solo for more than 2 minutes and it’s awesome. What a great declaration to all of their fans waiting for this album that this is worth waiting and it is represented by its first track “Weight of Love”. This track really gives the sense of raw and bluesy, and I think this is one of the greatest rock songs in 2014 which is the longest track of the album, and from its expanded structure, I can say that this song is quite progressive.

The second track, “In Time”, contains a series of thumping and clacking under Auerbach’s rich falsetto and backing vocals. A lot of psychedelia senses in this track combine with retro feeling. It’s not so futuristic, yet it is. But your excitement from listening the first track doesn’t go any direction but better.

“Turn Blue” is a darker flow when listening to this album in a sequence. This is more like Auerbach’s statement of crying for help and produces a more calming song than the previous one. One thing I like the most about this album is the sequence of the tracks. You can never have a glimpse of monotony. After that calming song, “Fever” comes out with a groovy intro and a lot of bass shredding that catch your attention. This is the lead single of this album. I describe this as a catchy pop tune that has its dance-happy vibe. “Year in Review” is a song with the richest blue soul feelings of all tracks in my opinion as The Black Keys go with the concept vintage.

The other tracks like “Bullet in The Brain” and “Waiting on Words” are more like acoustic ballads in the midst of the records that has a rhythm guitar as an intro. Every rock album must have ballads in them. This two tracks cover it. Especially “Waiting on Words” Dan’s singing with falsetto really sounds like he’s pouring out his heart into delivering whatever message contained in this song.

“It’s Up to You Now” has the unique drum lines, more like a tribal sounded, and this echoing sound of Auerbach’s singing gives more haunting sense, which I like. And the guitar solo in the middle is really soulful, and it just drowns me. After that it’s back to its groovy drum lines, such an interesting ups and downs experience.

On the other hand, “10 Lovers” opens with a keyboard riff so high-pitched. Another calming song comes in psychedelic guitar workout “In Our Prime”, while the album closer “Gotta Get Away” is an unshamedly pop-y track destined to become a summer anthem.

My conclusion, The Black Keys is evolving in good ways according to this newest 8th album from them. You get a lot to dig on and this record can give you some unpredictable experiences. You may like it or you may not, but as far as my concern I think this is a great album. Go get this record and enjoy 😀




Supermodel by Foster the People (18th of March 2014)


an Indie pop with a slightly touch of neo-psychedelia band called Foster the People has released a sophomore album entitled Supermodel. First of all i’d like to remind us all about their debut album in 2011 Torches with such a mainstream single ‘Pumped up Kicks’. Messed up lyric, scary even, but you know, one thing that is good about music is, once you love the music you just love it. There were a lot of tracks in Torches that i loved and on 18th of March i heard that Mark and friends were releasing their second album. i was like “okay, i’ll check that out”.


Track Listing :

Are You What You Wanna Be?

Ask Yourself

Coming of Age


Pseudologia Fantastica

The Angelic Welcome of Mr. Jones

Best Friend

A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon

Goats in Trees

The Truth

Fire Escape

I’m that kind of person who never judge an album on the first hearing. I have to listen to it 3 times at least before determining it was good or bad. Supermodel,,,,hmmm how should i put this,,this album is kinda flat, a perfect mediocre record. The first three tracks were like the premature songs from Torches, where you couldn’t put it in the first album because it wasn’t perfect yet but then you put it anyway in the second album with the same condition and sadly it turns out to be the best 3 tracks in this album. Foster the People still got the catchy charm from their first album but somehow it is missing something that makes this record somehow flat. Apparently Supermodel includes everything that the first album did, such as electronics elements, upbeat instrumental, backing vocals, unique guitar tones, but as a result Torches did a better job combining these ingredients than Supermodel. I have a lot of expectation on my first hearing of this album because i liked Torches a lot. So i have this tendency to push myself to love this album, but i did not. I didn’t hate it in particular but i don’t love it either, i was just expecting something more i guess. 

One song that maybe got a special place in my heart is Nevermind. it got this interesting acoustic guitar solo in the beginning and it got my attention. I love guitar, i love every songs that has a good strong guitar influence so i guess my opinion here is kinda biased. But objectively speaking, like i said, the first three tracks are the most catchy one. But an album transforms everytime you listen to it, and your favorite songs change as the time goes by. so i said catchy instead of good for now. I hope i can review this album a little bit more, but honestly, i don’t many things to say here. Still, i appreciate Mark Foster, Cubbie Fink and Mark Pontius for making this album, thanks.

in conclusion, i give this album 5 out of 10 rating.